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FLASHBACK: One Year Ago today on Let's Talk Wrestling - Get Set Fans - McMahon Death Storyline Set to Last for Sometime

The following was posted one year ago today on Let's Talk Wrestling

The focus on the company three days after the RAW Draft in PA still centers on the "death" of Vince McMahon, as well as the ongoing investigation of what took place in the limo that exploded outside the arena. The WWE website continues to push that the Fed's are doing their own investigation, and the line of real and storyline seems to be getting confused in the minds of quite a few, as the real FBI got calls in PA on Tuesday and Wednesday asking about if the show was indeed real.

The real FBI released a statement saying they knew nothing about a car bombing, and if there was anything like that for real, they would have been on the scene and would for real be doing an investigation. So in other words, everything that the company is putting on their site, along with the continued insistence of an "investigation" is simply a storyline that is sure to stretch out for quite awhile.

No McMahon has yet to speak, and they did a story on the site yesterday with a family rep coming out and saying that in the spirit of Vince that the show "will go on," and that they family is not ready to talk. You can bet that once they do, they will play up the emotional ploy of having them on RAW, likely in a last segment, making a speech about what a great man Vince was. I would bet at this point you'd see Shane making that speech, since he is the one that has been on TV the most of the McMahon clan as of late. I expect that speech to be within the next 2-3 weeks.

It will be interesting to see how fast they get back to the storylines of the draft, as well as to the wrestling on the shows. I don't see it this week on SmackDown, as I am sure they will do the McMahon tribute, sort of like what they did on ECW. That along with the new draft choices (Torrie, Ric Flair, Khali) will highlight the SmackDown show.

The quicker they get back to the in-ring product, the better. Of course it will be painful to watch week after week the saga of "Who Killed Mr.McMahon," and as you can see by our poll, the results are mixed, with many thinking it might be Coachman, or possibly DX, or even Hulk Hogan, which would be quite the storyline.

As for now, be braced for the ongoing saga of Vince and the investigation of who did what. Much in the storyline on the drama Dallas years ago of "Who killed J.R." this one is going to last for awhile. I for one hope that the ride is not as bumpy as the countless McMahon storylines in the past.


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