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Update on the Status of Robbie McAllister

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Robbie McAllister was with his son when he was seen sitting in the audience at the March 27 TNA Impact show. He was at the show because he's good friends with Johnny Devine. McAllister waited in line with fans to get in. Some people in TNA knew that he was coming ahead of time and promised Devine that they would do nothing to get McAllister in trouble.

Of course, McAllister was shown on television during the show and Devine was furious about being double-crossed by his own company. A number of younger wrestlers were upset with TNA, however, the older wrestlers who went through the WWF vs. WCW war saw it as just a part of wrestling.

Additionally, TNA didn't show Robbie McAllister earlier in the show because they were scrambling to find out McAllister's real name. They were asking around and it took a bit of time before they could get an answer.

After being shown on camera, McAllister immediately got a text message from the office telling him to leave the building. McAllister was then sent home from WrestleMania weekend.

The feeling is that he isn't going to be fired due to the incident, but that he's going to be in the doghouse instead.

McAllister returned to action at Monday's Raw/Heat taping, losing to former TNA wrestler Ron Killings in a dark match.


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