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Bros. of Destruction Lay Waste

Well we are getting closer to that magic moment when my comments on ECW will be no more than "nothing to report" as the show just seems to become more irrelevant on a weekly basis. Since the fall it has relied heavily on guest wrestlers from Smack Down via its talent share agreement between the two brands. It's champ is a former Smack Down guy and last night the only interesting match was between Kane and the Undertaker vs. Miz and Morrison.
I really liked what I saw out of the tag champs as the handles themselves fairly well against the brawlers of Kane and Taker. Except for a few cliche moments of Morrison distracting himself due to his cockiness and the Miz being afraid to go in the ring the match featured good tag action. the champs worked well together with quick tags in order to keep fresh and take down the two big men. Of course you knew Miz and Morrison would lose due to the Undertaker factor, but they still looked good. It should not be long until they break out on their own and start establishing themselves. Look fro Morrison to make the bigger impact, but Miz could be a top guy on ECW or a decent mid carder on the other brands.

In the match that made you scratch your head and say why, there was an eight man tag match that features CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore up against Deuce, Domino, Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. Given how each of these guys or tag teams, beside Burke and Deuce and Domino the rest are receiving pushes to various degrees and it made no sense to have them in this match. You know Yang and Moore will face Miz and Morrison and Punk will leave ECW to cash in Money in the Bank so you could have left them out and saved them for Smack Down. And why not put Kingston and Benjamin together as their athletic ability could produce some jaw dropping moments. But having them all in this mumble jumble style of match definitely takes away from what they all can do on their own.

The rest of the show left us seeing Colin Delaney lose again, this time to Mike Knox. This angle is getting old very fast. If they want to make something of this kid, let's see what he can do already. I know he is supposed to be the underdog figure, but you at least have to believe he has a chance, or for the very least care about him. So far that has failed to happen. Also last night in the obligatory Diva segment Kelly Kelly won a dance contest against Layla, Eve, Maryse and Lena Yada. Some surprise considering she always wins these things even though see can't dance to save her life.

And last night saw the new announce team of Taz and Mike Adamle. All I can say is Joey Styles please return soon. Adamle did not seem like he really knew the product all that well and was carried by Taz on more than one occasion. During a highlight clip he referred to Burke as Benjamin and Taz has to correct him. Hopefully he can get it together, but even if he does his voice is no match for Styles classic over the top style that is forever linked with ECW.

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