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Floyd Mayweather Update and His WWE Future

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com Newsletter

In regards to Floyd Mayweather’s future with WWE, the finish at WrestleMania was obviously booked to leave a major door open for a return, but having him work a ‘B’ PPV show isn’t a good financial decision. Up to this point WWE has not spent any money on Mayweather merchandise, nor has there been any publicity in that direction. WWE’s next major PPV is SummerSlam, which Mayweather couldn’t do more than a cameo for, if that, because he’ll be training for De Lay Hoya.

There is talk about Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, but Rumble would be most likely for a Mayweather appearance since historically it’s been a big money show.

Believe it or not, the most lucrative celebrity appearance prior to Mayweather was when Dennis Rodman joined the NWO in WCW. They got a big buy rate and tons of media from him just making an appearance, and then got an even bigger buy rate out of him doing a match, and then did an even bigger PPV buy rate once again when he did the tag match with Karl Malone. However, when they brought him back the fourth time it barely made any impact on the numbers and had next to no media coverage.

Floyd already made his two PPV appearances and his face was on RAW for weeks. If WWE can get De La Hoya, who they wanted for WrestleMania, later on then they will definitely do some huge numbers, but without him they likely wouldn’t be able to justify paying Mayweather anything close to what he got for WrestleMania 24.

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