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The Battle of the Brands, But Why?

The match between Batista and Umaga perhaps has the lest amount of heat going into it. This match was almost put together as an after thought on TV with William Regal one night suggesting Umaga should face a Smack Down superstar in order to see which brand was superior. I'm really surprised there is not more stipulations for this match. Perhaps have the loser switch brands, or take a page out of Major League Baseball and give the winning brand the first pick in the WWE draft. The real reason this match was put together was they had no where to put these superstars and they really couldn't leave them out now could they. Despite the lack of hype for this match it may very well turn into one of those great surprises of Mania and be one of the best matches.

This match will do nothing to further Umaga's role in the WWE, but it will solidify him as one of the best workers on the roster. No matter what type of match or role they put him into, he always delivers. From his role in in the Hair versus hair match last year, taking on John Cena when there were no other good contenders for the WWE title, to what other roles they ask of him, he always gives a great performance. Due to this the WWE should put him back in a program for at least the Intercontinental title. Just right now he suffers from the glut of talent on Raw. Maybe this match will see him move to Smack Down. Who really knows, but one thing for sure is you will always get a great match from him.

The winner of this match though will be Batista, as he has the most to lose of the two. Right now Batista needs to be kept in the spotlight as he is wandering the story waste land right now. He had some good matches with MVP, but most likely MVP will be back in program with Matt Hardy. And as for title shot, he will have to wait as I envision Edge and the Undertaker will have a few rematches. They have hinted about a possible Triple H showdown through various backstage encounters. We know John Cena will be stepping away briefly for filming commitments. Perhaps Batista will be the one to fill in while we wait for the Cena/Triple H feud to commence.

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