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Lets Wrestle also in HD

Hello wrestling fans and welcome to our blog also coming at you in HD. Each post will be even more clear and crisp than before. It will almost be like I'm sitting right next to you typing these words live. Yeah, I'm not really sure how you can make writing HD, but everyones doing it so I though we could join the fun. At any rate the WWE's first night of HD really wasn't that impressive. Again we had a handful of matches that would not even sell a house show. We were treated to Kendrick and Umaga in a Rumble qualifier, Bob Holly and Carlito again, and Finaly and Hornswoggle against the Highlanders.

To show you how poor the matches were tonight, one of the best matches was the women's match. Yes, I know I usually will say how bad this can be and describe it as only on for eye candy, but tonight the match was the second best one on the show. Beth Phoenix and Mickie James put on a great display of technical and high flying wrestling. Phoenix displays in ring prowess that would make most of the men jealous, and James brought her high energy presence to the ring. With Phoenix winning again tonight, James showed some distress in the locker room. Cheer up Mickie, your time will come and I believe in you. And if that time never comes, well let me say I would love to take you out the next time your in town to help you forget your troubles. Yes ladies and gentleman tonight begins the JSxpress's attempt to get a date with Mickie James. Please feel free to check it out weekly as I strike out time and time again. Nothing like a little public humiliation for the sake of readership.

Triple H would qualify tonight for the Rumble after beating his secret opponent(s) Snitsky, Mark Henry and William Regal. Nothing really impressive in these matches but it was good to see H get in. There was talk of the Big Show showing up tonight, but the WWE is saving him. It should be interesting to see if the Show makes in the Rumble.

The best match of the night was the first one with Kennedy and HBK giving another great performance. Its sad this program may be coming to an end as Kennedy is looking like he is finally living up to his potential as a top talent. Of course working with HBK makes it easy. They don't call him the show stopper for nothing. He has raised Kennedy's game and they have given some great matches over the weeks. Tonight was great with HBK flying over the ropes at Kennedy and Kennedy busting himself open. Like I said great stuff, hopefully this is not the beginning of the end for Kennedy.

On the verbal front Y2J had a horrible rebuttal to JBL's taunt last week. Jericho did not have any of his electricity and really didn't do anything to fuel the fire between these two. Come on Y2J, JBL even taunted your kids and all you could to was come out and talk about how your one kid was close to crying because he thought you were a coward. Lame, lame, and even more lame. And of course we had the meeting of the main eventers for the upcoming pay per view. This one dealt with respect and a possible handshake. And of course it ended in violence with Hardy giving Orton the twist of fate. I give Jeff credit for interacting with the crowd as he went around ringside asking fans their names and saying he respected them more than Orton. No wonder this guy is loved by the fans. This is the type of champ we need and look for Hardy to have a huge 08, and dare I say it, he will main event Mania as champ.

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