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A night for returns

Yes ladies and gentlemen it truly was night for returns on Raw. Let's start with the big one first. Yes it's the return of yours truly, the J S Xpress, blogging again in the new year. O K , I'm being a bit egotistical here, but I'm exciting to be writing again and sharing my views with my fellow fans of the squared circle. So happy New Year one and all, it's a pleasure to be back.

As far as the other returns, we saw Ashley return to the ring tonight, and possibly a new boob job?, in a obligatory Divas match. We all know once we add any type of random pick em style theme to a show, we will see the Divas and their assets. Pardon the pun. Ashley would win tonight and really that's all that has to be said. Their was some friendly hugs with future Playboy gal Maria, but I expect these 2 to meet at Mania in the yearly Playboy promo match. Let's wait and see.

JBL would also return to the ring in handicap match with Snitsky against Y2J. The match ended in a DQ and had JBL giving Jericho a Beniot with a camera cable. With an organization going well out of its way to distance it self from Chris and his acts, its amazing to see them go back to strangling people with cables. This match helped to continue putting heat on the match up between the 2 at the Rumble. I love this feud and its great to see both men back wrestling and bringing there very large personalities back to spice things up.

Triple H continued his road to gaining redemption for getting screwed out of the Rumble tonight by blooding William Regal. As my counter part Matt wrote, it looks like we are going down the same path with Triple H again on his quest to get the title. H , usually plays the part well, but so far this plot has not interested me one bit. We shall wait and see if they can bring some excitement to a scene we have watched many times over. I hope so, as I think Triple H is one of the best in the business, and personally would love to see him with the title soon.

The only other match of any significance tonight was the main event of Jeff Hardy and Umaga in a steel cage. The champ Randy Orton showed up to help Umaga destroy Hardy. Of course his plan backfired and Hardy pulled off an amazing move off the top of the cage onto an awaiting Umaga down below. after watching this match, and the lack of support for Orton as champ I would not mind a change of titles at the Rumble. This of course might hurt Hardy, as he would most likely lose the belt before or on Mania, but I feel the time has come for him to be champ. The crowd loves him, he provides tons of electricity with his high flying moves, and would be a fresh face as a champion. If does not happen before Mania, there is no doubt in my mind Jeff will be a champ on either Raw or Smack Down by Summer Slam.

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