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Don't Look Now But It Looks Like the Same Old Storyline Again

I hate to say this wrestling fans, but it appears that we've seen this storyline before. I am of course referring to the storyline that seems to be playing out on Monday night RAW, where Triple H, who is playing the hero in the storyline, wants to get his beloved WWE Title back. In his way is the evil Mr.McMahon, who is going to do whatever it takes to stop HHH from getting it, including screwing him over every chance he gets. The storyline played out Monday when HHH's Royal Rumble spot was on the line in a match against long-time pal Ric Flair, and commish William Regal got HHH DQ'ed on purpose, thus stopping him from being in the Rumble.

How this appears to be playing out is that HHH will now have to scratch and claw and win his WWE title shot in the No Way Out PPV elimination chamber match that will take place in the final PPV before WrestleMania 24 in Las Vegas. Now with that said, there appears to be a shift going on from the originally booked Triple H vs Batista match at Mania to now it being Randy Orton as WWE Champ (with likely Mr.McMahon's backing) vs Triple H. It's a match we've seen before, and frankly I am a bit surprised that they think that match would be a main draw at the biggest show of the year, but who knows.

On the other side, the same thing is happening with the Undertaker, and now the evil combo of assistant GM Vicki Guerrero and now champ Edge will be playing the role at stopping Taker from earning his rematch for the Heavyweight Title. This may lead to Taker winning, for the second straight year, the Royal Rumble, and then using his title match and cashing it in against Edge at Mania. However it plays out, this is one that we have seen over and over. Case in point:

1. Mr.McMahon vs Steve Austin
2. Triple H and Stephanie vs Mick Foley
3. Mr.McMahon vs The Rock
4. Mr.McMahon vs Shawn Michaels

And so on and so on. Usually the storyline drags on for a month or two with finally in the end the good guy coming back and winning the title, laying out McMahon, and everyone goes home happy. I wouldn't doubt we see it again on both brands when the biggest show of the year takes place in March in Orlando.

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