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My God, He's broken in half

I think a Jim Ross quote could some up the end of tonight Raw. Once again Jeff Hardy goes above and beyond in his push for a major title. Other than his own death, I really don't see him doing anything more shocking than what has been displaying these past weeks. To bad we had to sit through almost 2 hours of nothing to get to this great climax. It started off with Hardy and Orton exchanging verbal barbs in anticipation of their match tonight. These two did a good job and it was nice to see Orton showing why is is such a jerk. If there were questions on his ability to pull off being a heel and champ at the same time, I feel Orton helped to put some of those doubts to rest tonight. He has such a great arrogant demeanor that makes you just despise this guy.

We then had to sit through the usual Diva match so all can get their eye candy. Tonights special was Beth Phoenix, Melina and Jillian against Ashley, Maria and Mickie James. It was the evil Divas turn to win this time, with Phoenix unmercifully slamming James to the mat for the pin.

We then were presented with a display of who cares matches starting with HBK qualifying for the Rumble with a win over Trevor Murdoch. Really, I thought for a second he would lose and Murdoch would be main eventing Mania. Triple H utterly destroyed Snitsky, thus eliminating any chance of Snitsky making any noise on Raw. And Hornswoggle went through a mini rumble. And I mean mini. He took on pint size versions of Mankind, Kennedy, Batista and Kane before meeting Kahli in the ring. Of course Finaly came to the rescue. This lead to another reference of Finlay and Vince having an agreement. As i stated earlier, look for Finlay to get a title chance on Smack Down. I really don't see much coming of this supposed secret agreement. At last but not least Rick Flair stays alive with a win over William Regal. Didn't see that one coming, considering Flair is scheduled to take on MVP at the Rumble.

JBL also did a great job of establishing himself as the main heel on Raw. With tons of fireworks and balloons he made a great speech to an injured Jericho who was resting at home after his beat down last week. JBL is so arrogant and just an all around jerk, that you have to love to hate this guy. He came out tonight to tell Jericho's children what a loser there dad was. You got to love making this feud as personal as possible. I questioned JBL's desire to get back in the ring, but after tonights promo he more than silenced those doubts. He not only has brought his A game, but he has sent a message to all the heels in the WWE. Gentleman this is how you play dirty and get people to hate your guts.

Back to the main event. Seriously, how long to Jeff Hardy either kills himself or at least does serious injury to his person. Tonight he jumped off the support for the stage onto a prone Orton. Both men were "carried" off on stretchers, but when will this become a real scene. When Hardy becomes a major champ will he be able to carry this momentum of high risk moves. How much longer till his body breaks down. Granted he is very charismatic inside and outside the ring, but he can't keep this pace up forever. It will be very interesting to watch his career in the upcoming year. Let's hope he can stay healthy enough to continue thrilling us for many more years.

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