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The road to the rumble is paved in boredom

Yes another lack luster night of network TV for the WWE. I know there trying their best to keep the results of the Rumble and who will be main eventing Mania a secret, but do they have to bore us to tears in the process. Tonight again featured multiple who cares matches. We saw the WWE's biggest stiffs Mark Henry and the Great Khali again in matches that mean nothing. I hope Batista is not going to get saddled with Mark Henry in the future. As it looks like the Undertaker will be Edges main challenge, it leaves Batista in the void. I really hope they have big plans for him, as he showed in 07 that he has the talent to be a major star. Also we got to see the same Kahli and Finlay match. It's sad to see a great worker like Finaly getting stuck in a go nowhere program. Also we a had a Divas match with Michelle McCool and Layla, not really much to report there.

Some of the highlights included a a good verbal and physical exchange with the Undertaker and Big Daddy V. This was the way you want to build tension for the Rumble. Get two good ring performers and a good mic man like Matt Striker and let it go. Also another good verbal exchange was between MVP and Rick Flair in the VIP Lounge. Like there was any surprise here, as MVP is a great heel and we all know about Flair. Again this did a great job of selling their match at the Rumble as MVP shot his mouth off how he was and is better than Flair was when he was younger and definitely were he is now. It was also good to see my favorite tag team of Yang and Moore defeating Deuce and Domino. I'm not sure how much longer they will wait to put the belts on Yang and Moore but their time has come. With all the good tag teams on Smack Down it's possible tag tams may become fashionable in the WWE again.

The main event tonight was another treat as the newly made friends Edge and Chavo took on Mysterio and CM Punk. It ended in a DQ as Edge hit Mysterio in his bad knee wit a chair before Mysterio could pin Chavo. This match featured plenty of great moves by all the participants and could possibly develop an interesting plot in ECW. With Chavo now a part of the Edge/Vickie fold, and hell bent on winning the ECW belt, could we see Mysterio getting involved in the mix. This would add a huge spark to ECW as they would have some legitimate talent questing for the belt. Also there looks to be no story for Mysterio now on Smack Down, and Punk really has had no legitimate challengers since the Miz and Morrison became tag champs. It would be some good matches with the 3 men and it would test Punk and see if her is ready to make the next step.

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