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I want my hour back Vince

What the heck happened to all the entretaining ECW shows we had going into this year. Granted they still lacked behind Raw and Smack Down, but at least you didn't feel like a complete loser wasting 1 hour of your life watching this crap. Yes the Smack Down talent share helped out, but why are we back to watching matches that could not cut it at a house show. For those who did not watch I'm really not going to spoil anything her for you because it all sucked big time. I'm not kidding when I say it was an hour of my life I will never get back.

Tonight were treated as Kane destroyed some sad jobber they keep dragging into the ring for comic relief. Guys the act is lame, it stunk the first time and it's not getting any better. Please let it die already. Also we had Nunzio, yes Nunzio. At least he didn't disappoint as he allowed Shelton Benjamin to beat on him this week. Kelly Kelly came out and did what she does best. And by that I mean parading around half naked. And we also saw the WWE Tag Champions Miz and Morrison take on the Highlanders. This was a let down after the champs previous great matches against Yang and Moore. Please take the belts off them already and let them continue their pursuit of ECW gold. I really don't see how this is helping either Miz or Morriso and I'm surprised they have been champs this long. Let a real tag team be champs and let these guys develop in pursuit of the ECW title.

Finally, lets talk about Edge's appearance tonight. I'm not sure if I'm grasping at straws here due to my mind just trying to justify why I wasted 1 hour watching this garbage tonight, but could there be a possible Edge/Punk program in the cards. They exchanged some decent banter during the Cutting Edge segment and Edge screwed Punk in his match against Chavo again. So now Chavo has his title chance courtesy of Edge. The matches have been good between Chavo and Punk, but I can't see this program going on to long. Will Punk lose his title and find himself on Smack Down seeking revenge. This could be a possibility, but right now it looks like Edge will be preoccupied with the Undertaker. It could possibly happen if Punk wins the Money in the Bank match at Mania and then takes it to Smack Down in his quest to take out Edge. Look for these two to meet in some capacity this year. Or perhaps my mind is playing tricks and causing delusions so I can justify watching the junk they call wrestling on ECW.

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