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Mark Henry, Why?

Thought it was time to bring back my catch phrase of why. Seriously, why ? Why have Mark Henry interrupt a good extreme match, yes an extreme rules match on ECW, can you believe it. Kane and big Daddy V have been giving some great matches and tonight was no exception until Henry comes in a ruins it. Thankfully he did not interrupt to much but did we really need him in the ring? Let 2 strong performers do their thing, we don't need some stiff like Henry getting involved because the WWE cannot find anything to do with sorry ass.

We also moved a step closer to Jessie and Festus becoming tag champs. They came very close tonight against Miz and Morrison and their time should be very soon. I think it would be great as they have a good angle with the change of Festus into a wrecking machine once the bell rings. Yes this gimmick will get old, but remember how fun Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexy were when they first broke on the scene. We need some of this old fashion fun in wrestling once and awhile and Jessie and Festus are the right duo to bring it.

Also expect to see Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin going at it soon. They eluded to it somewhat tonight as they raised the question what will happen when both men go for the number one contender for the ECW championship. With both egos of these competitors together under one roof it's only a matter of time until they collide. This could be a big boost for both men's careers as they have not been doing much of late.

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