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What Fans Are Saying in the SHOUTBOX About Benoit

Here is what fans of the site are saying in the SHOUTBOX to the right about the Benoit Tragedy:

Guest - He is stilla great wrestler but I agree WWE needs to distance themself from this tragedy ASAP - Bad for business!

Guest - If its true he killed his family, WWE needs to not only NOT do anymore tributes but remove his profile from their website

Dave -When is this going to end. How many more have to die. This is such a tragic, senseless loss. How do you kill a 7 yr old child?

Guest - I really felt bad when I heard that he died. I thought he got murdered but no. He murdered his 7 year old son and his wife. Thats not right. It's sad.

Guest - to all of those who have an opion, ther is no proff yet as to what happened so please stop saying He's a killer Chris was a great guy i've met him!!

Guest - he has other children and they have to face that is that not hard enough for them have some respect for them no matter what he is it's their loss

Guest - depresion,paranoia,and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as '''roid Rage.''

Guest - those childrens nightmare is sprayed all over t.v for everyone to see & ur response is *^& u GROW UP

Britt K. - Chris loved his family obviously as we heard more Wwe Superstars say last night so how can someone who love his family kill them!Some1 else did it!!!!

Guest - he sent strange text meassges b4 he died

Guest - they say his wife almost filed 4 divorce n restraing orders fearin 4 her life but it was drop? strang?

Guest - they say he sent text messages to close 1's while watchin vengeance. strange text's

Guest - his wife feared 4 her n her son life almost divorcin him due 2 his bad temper but it was drop

Guest - Sorry guy's no wrestling tonight.As we pay tribute to Chris Benoit.

Guest - NewsFlash: No Tributes At all As of his situation. No tributes 2 a killer.not me talkin Fox news live on tv!

Guest - reports was mad last night 4 vince doing a 3 hr tribute 2 a murderer

Guest - vince fake death storyline is over!

Guest - I think the family should decide if they want the tribute it's their loss as far as last night I don't think it was a waste they can still moarn them

Guest - he may not be induted 2 the hall of fame.but wrestlin wise he was good so he deserves it.but real life tha tributes 2 him are over as they say

Guest - No tributes:Vince choice.he actually wanted to keep doing tributes but press,authorites,were uposet with him,sayin no tributes 2 a killer

I was very shocked, and saddened when I heard of the Benoit family deaths. When I heard he was thought to be the one who had commited these atrocities I didn't want to believe it. Because, even though I didn't know him he was a figure that prompted respect, and admiration. Now, I don't know what to think. I am both confused, and disappointed. What would drive someone to murder his family? Something just doesn't add up. If it was him, he has to be the only murderer in history to get a tribute. What kind of world are we living in?

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