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More Gruesome Benoit Details; Press Conference Rundown

It seems with each passing hour, more gruesome news about the death of Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and Daniel Benoit come to light. The latest comes from Wrestling Observer: "The AP reported that law enforcement officials close to the investigation have confirmed the current belief that Chris Benoit strangled wife Nancy with an electrical cord on Saturday, smothered his son with a bag on Sunday and then hung himself in his basement/weight room on Monday."

The other thing that is coming to light is the almost backwards stance that the WWE is going to have to take with this entire situation. Last night they did a 3-hour tribute show to a man that now appears to have killed his wife, 7-year-old son, and himself. At this point on the WWE.com home page, all the Tribute things that were on the right side have been removed, and the only thing left is the pic of Benoit as the top story, with a basic rundown of what took place.

WWE has gone so far as to try and promote thier own stars, as they have on the bottom right even have an option to "Learn about your favorite Superstarts from RAW, SmackDown and ECW." I will say this, they realize that there are millions coming to their site today to learn about what took place, and they are trying to make the most of it, whether you agree with it or not. They also have removed any Benoit merchandise for purhcase. His name has been taken off the option to buy anything. Benoit's name has also been taken off the ECW page.

Here is a rundown of the 3PM press conference that was done outside of the Benoit home where the murders and suicide took place:

X: Fayette (Ga.) County district attorney Scott Ballard said law enforcement officials believe Benoit killed his wife Nancy on Friday night via affixation, then did the same to Daniel on Saturday morning before hanging himself Saturday night.

X: Ballard said Nancy Sullivan’s wrists and feet were bound with tape and that there was some blood under her head. Ballard said Sullivan was found in an upstairs living room area. Daniel Benoit was found dead in his own bed in his upstairs bedroom. A bible was placed next to the body of Nancy and Daniel.

X: Benoit hung himself with a cord in his basement weight room.

X: Anabolic steroids and what was described by one law-enforcement official as “lots” of what is believed legal prescription medication were found in the house. A complete list of medications may be given to the media at a later date.

X: A WWE “co-worker” [believed Chavo Guerrero] received a text message on a delayed basis from Benoit. Officials declined to elaborate on what information the messages contained.

X: Benoit was previously arrested in the Atlanta area on a DUI charge but has no record of a previous arrest for domestic violence.

X: There was no suicide note left inside the house.

X: “In a community like this, it’s bizarre to have a murder/suicide, especially involving the death of a seven-year-old child,” Mallard said. “That’s what struck me the most in all this: There’s a seven- year-old little boy who’s dead. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my mind around that completely.”

“It struck me as somewhat bizarre that he would even be in the home with their deceased bodies all that time … I’m baffled why anyone would kill a seven year old. I don’t have any idea at all about a motive.”

there is nothing to say, but things happen sometimes that don't make sense, only that god can judge not people. an awful thing happened, we don't know why chris done what he done, or his mind set that caused him to do this.But we can not erase him from our minds cause people watched him every nigth on RAW, SMACKDOWN and WCW we cheered for him, loved him for what he was in the ring. so in closing you have to forgive him and hope people learn from this. no one is perfect and everyone is capable of doing harm, and if you think your not you need to take along look in the mirror, cause you are lying to your self. we love you chris benoit,nancy benoit,and there son. p.s the WWE need to look at how hard they push these men night in and night out,cause too many wrestlers are dying,and it is hard to ignore the trend that is going on with the wrestlers that have passed away tragically in the WWE

Amen brother. I also want to forgive al Qaeda for flying those planes into the wtc.

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