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Monday Night Raw 7/24

4th Row on the TV side for Raw is quite the experience. It was a solid show for the most part, considering it had to be thrown together with the McMahon's and HHH gone for Steph's baby's birth. I don't quite know how they totally expect to keep a storyline going with the whole "who's the baby's Dad" thing. I think it would almost be better if they made it official, both on TV and on their website that they state that HHH and her are married and he is the father of the baby. It would not hurt the storyline whatsoever, and may make it better leading up to Summerslam. As for Hogan, the response for his first show in Cleveland was off the charts. I think he'll think twice before skipping a shot to be on TV in Cleveland like he did last year during the buildup with the match with Shawn Michaels. Speaking of that, Umaga's move on Michaels was one of the best I have seen in a long time. Doing that to a 250 plus pound man takes some kind of power. Wow. All in all, a good show that is doing a good job with a major PPV coming up.

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