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Is Lesnar and Cena Waiting a Year Worth the Gamble?

Monday Night, the Raw after WrestleMania XXVIII got off to a quick start, but had an even bigger ending.

The games played between Vince McMahon and the WWE paid off, as former WWE Champ Brock Lesnar made his huge return in the final segment when he gave John Cena an F-5.

The last time we saw Lesnar in a WWE ring was WrestleMania XX, when he lost an awful match to Bill Goldberg, which was the last WWE match for both he and Bill, and was basically a showcase for Steve Austin, who was the guest ref.

The first thought is that the WWE is going to pull a replay, and have Lesnar and Cena stay apart for a year, just like the 12 month wait we just had for Rock and Cena, that paid off in a match that a lot thought wasn't as good as we waited for.

No doubt that Lesnar didn't look from the TV point of view like the guy we remember taking over the WWE with Paul Heyman back in the late 90's. He looked flat, a lot smaller, and nowhere near the 260 that Michael Cole said he was.

Now the game of poker shifts to timing. Does the WWE play the same game and make the fans wait a year for Cena-Lesnar in NY for WM 29? Or do we push it up quicker, maybe having a match at SummerSlam or even sooner?

There's a thought to make the two stay away from each other, but what sense does that make after what happened on Monday night?

It's another WWE gamble, but one that at least Monday night got one of the bigger pops we've seen in quite a long time.

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great we had to watch the rock pushing "40" beat cena ....now lesnar who ran who with his vagina between his legs after goldberg beat his ...... hes after cena wtf is up with wwe whos next? well have to wait and see.....fyi this is whhy wcw almost took control!

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