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Talk on the Undertaker Retiring After WM 28

The latest talk about The Undertaker retiring is that he will do it after going 20-0 at WrestleMania 28 in 2012. Of course there is always talk about Taker retiring and most people feel that he will wrestle as long as he is physically able to.

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the undertaker,possible retirement after going 20-0 that would be a major upset. granted that shawn micheals is a very talented star,and so is HHH,and the both of them,came in diamactically,but the taker,he would just stun you,everytime he made an entrance,no matter what that will be. and to see him go,that would leave a huge void in the industry. I also understand why he would retire,not just the fact that with all his injuries,he also has a home life,now that he is married, it will be hard for him to stop wrestling,and lead a quite life,but he does deserve it. I will be sad to see him go. just like Shawn Micheals,Stone Cold,HHH,and many other stars who all retired before him,you all deserve it and I thank you all for entertaining us for all these years. Happy Retirement to you all.

HHH retired?! Then why do I see him every week on WWE Raw?

i think that if he is thinking about retiring he should face someone he hasen't faced at wrestlemania. like goldberg or brock leasnar. or maybe even stone cold steve austin or the rock. but in my own opinion i strongly believe that he will fight until he can't do it anymore.

acoring to wwe.com hhh is the new COO of the wwe. which means he is pretty much in controll of the entire company

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