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Jim Ross Talks About Flair's Return to RAW Monday

Here is a highlight from Jim Ross’ latest blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com with some interesting thoughts on The Nature Boy’s return.

Ric Flair will be making a special appearance on Monday Night Raw this week (you weren’t naive enough to think that a huge star like Naitch would show up on Friday Night Smackdown for a special guest appearance would you?) As the past has taught us, retired wrestlers rarely make guest appearances on wrestling programs unless they are promoting something, like a book, or they are perhaps going to stick their toe back in the water in some form. I have no idea what is on Flair’s agenda but I am certainly going to change my travel plans to Fresno so I can be there to watch Raw on Monday night prior to taping another Smackdown doubleheader on Tuesday. Flair is still an amazing personality who can verbalize as well as any one in the business today, past or present. As a fan I would pay good, hard earned money any time to hear the Nature Boy step into the ring and listen to Flair speak on any subject with the passion and emotion that helped make Ric famous. Ric Flair, veins popping, with his face beet red and eyes bulging is still great TV and will transcend young fans and their baby booming Dads and Moms.

The issue for me is that I don’t want to see Naitch wrestle again not just one year after retiring. I think Ric keeps himself more special and his retirement, which was an entertainment and emotional work of art, special and an ever lasting memory in the minds of fans worldwide. To see Ric manage someone, be a guest Ref, etc works for me personally.

I would love to see Ric Flair have a role at WM25 in Houston because having the greatest wrestler who ever lived at the year’s biggest event just makes sense. You wouldn’t believe all the NFL greats that were at the Super Bowl on Sunday to be showcased by the National Football League to their loyal fans.

Ric Flair makes any event bigger and his star still shines brightly in my eyes but, simply as a fan, I would rather remember Ric Flair the wrestler, no pun intended, as he was and enjoy his antics and machinations in other forms at an event like Wrestlemania if that indeed is a potential destination for the incomparable “Nature Boy.”

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