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The Dead Man Cometh, Again

On the final episode of Smack Down on the CW we saw the Undertaker begin his usual reign of terror on Vickie and the new coalition with the Big Show and the Family by attacking Chavo backstage then coming fro Vickie in the ring. This was a a great way to send off the show before moving to My Network next week as it featured a great ending and a solid all around card. Yes I know the Undertaker returning from banishment story line has been used countless times but they are still able tt make it work.

First this plot enables the Big Show to be involved in a major story line while engaging in a great duel with fellow heavyweight. These two will be able to display what a good match between large brawlers should look like. It will not be the regular bore fest we get when inserting the Great Khali, Mark Henry and the other bruisers the WWE think will be major stars. Both of these men can delivery on a great rivalry by using more than the usual kick, head butt and bear hug that all the other useless big men use in this company.

The story line also is kept fresh by the great efforts of Vickie. Again she was able to put her body on the line to help sell the story by being tomb stoned by the Undertaker. For a non wrestler she has taken her share of bumps over the past year while becoming perhaps the biggest heel in the company. Her conniving ways have made her a major player on Smack Down and she far overshadows her fellow GM's from the other brands. When she was named GM I felt it would be short lived as I really didn't think she would have the personality to make her mark. I will say I underestimated her abilities and you may have to consider her for performer of the year in the WWE. With one simple phrase of "Excuse me!" she is able to annoy and entertain at the same time and immediately get the desired reaction from the crowd with hail of jeers. As long as wrestling fans have a clear cut favorite to hate any plot will work, and the fans disdain of Vickie helps keep a stale Undertaker returns plot fresher than a loaf of bread straight out of the oven.

While the return of the Undertaker seeking revenge plot may be old but finding new life due to Vickie, there is one plot that I am growing tired of. Enough already with the off again on again animosities of between Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Hardy is questing for the title held by Triple H and has taken his shots at the King of Kings. But as you may think the heat is building between the two Hardy will come to the rescue and shake hands with Triple H. I understand these guys are both major fan favorites and they want to keep them as faces, but please stop with the forced tension. Either have Hardy turn on Triple H or make it a friendly rivalry. I'm just growing tired of what I feel is a cop out by the WWE to place any negative heat on either men by keeping them both major faces as we saw tonight with their tag win over MVP and Brian Kendrick. At the end Hardy handed Triple H the belt and raised his hand in victory.

Later in the night it would be Hardy who would run to the ring to rescue Triple H from being double teamed by Khail and Vladimir Kozlov. I understand both men have their issues with Kozlov as he attacked them last week, but wouldn't Hardy be better served letting these two weaken his opponent at No Mercy instead of helping him? To me it just reeks of cowardliness by the WWE writers to cross Hardy over to an unfavorable persona.

This last night on the CW also saw the crowing of new tag champions as Carlito and Primo took the belts of Hawkins and Ryder as they predicated last week. The match was decent enough and Primo is showing he has the talents to make in the WWE. Again it seems Carlito's future in this company will be in the tag realm as he hasn't been a major singles competitor in some time. It may seem like a step back, but for a guy who only months ago was speculated as being on his way out any title is step in the right direction. As for Hawkins and Ryder they joined Kenny and Ryan Braddock in the moving van courtesy of Jesse and Festus as we move to My Network next week.

In Divas action we came one step closer to seeing Brie Bella's twin as the under the ring switch a roo was barely concealed. This move helped bring a tag victory for Maria and Bella over Victoria and Natalia. Once the twin angle is "officially" reveled there should be program of the Bella twins against the BFF duo of Victoria and Natalia. With Maryse and Michelle McCool developing great chemistry Natalia may have to wait for her chance to rematch for the Divas belt. As for the newcomer Brie she took some good lumps tonight and really showed she can handle her own. If her twin has the same abilities this could be an interesting new twist to the diva ranks.

The other match of the night saw Chavo take on Jimmy Wang Yang in a decent showing of these light-heavyweights. There was nothing special here as we have see these two before and with no belt anymore for this division Yang is no more than a decent filler when they need to put on a decent match that doesn't involve much of a story line.

Shelton Benjamin tonight took to the ring to voice his displeasure over R-Truth only to be interrupted by the rapping styles of Truth. We know these two will meet for the US belt and by the way the WWE is pushing Truth he may be the champ sooner than latter. We have reported here they are looking to make Truth the big African American star, but they really need to lose the song and dance routine. He has shown good moves in the ring and I have no problem with him getting a title shot this soon, but his intro cheapens the talents he has. Plus I'm dissapointed to see the WWE perhaps giving up on Benjamin. I understand the need to have a African American face, but Benjamin has shown he deserves to be pushed as he has worked very hard to get to this point and contributes many positive factors to the program. He can give you a good technical match mixed with athletic moves that always amaze. Hopefully he does not get pushed to the wayside in an attempt to get Truth over with the fans

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