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The New ECW Just the Same As The Old

In our second showing of the new era of the ECW after the big draft shake up we find ourselves still in the same place we were, if not digresses in some manner. I was hoping the draft would lead to a nice infusion of talent to a show that badly needs a face lift, but that was not the case. Matt Hardy was a nice addition and Finlay by himself gives some decent possibilities, but that was all they got. Factor in the losses of Punk, Benjamin and Kingston and you have to look at ECW taking a major step backwards, and tonight did nothing to disprove that theory.

It started off with Tommy Dreamer challenging Mark Henry for the championship. This would lead to Henry granted Dreamer a shot only if Colin Delaney, who accompanied Dreamer to the ring, could beat Henry tonight. Now I think we all know eventually know Matt Hardy will be champ, but this holding pattern of Henry as champ is horrible. As I have stated so many time this guy brings nothing to the table. His personality is dull, his moves lack anything of interest so how did this guy become champ? I know the ECW belt is not what it once was, but Henry doesn't even deserve an Indy promotion belt. And since Hardy still has the US title I guess we are going to see a program with Dreamer and Henry. Could we scrape the bottom of the barrel of this roster for contenders. Tommy you had some great days in the old ECW, but your time has passed. And in case you missed it Henry smashed Delaney so we have to wait to see if Dreamer gets his title shot.

We also saw the infamous rematch tag match after a pay per view that features Finlay, Hornswoggle and Hardy against Miz, Morrison and Chavo. A decent match with the good guys winning but I'm really tiring of the Hornswoggle comedy hour. Stop with the squirt guns and the tadpole splash. This angle will fade soon and we will never hear of Hornswoogle again. Finlay deserves so much better than this. Though I still feel these guys will be champs very soon, perhaps by Smack Down this week, hopefully not for all our sakes.

We saw the debut of Atlas Ortiz tonight, or should we say Carlito's lost cousin. If you really want to establish your self do not copy the same hair style as an established star, especially one who is in the dog house for his comments about one of the biggest players on the roster. His debut match was against Armando Estrada who is still looking for his contract. This match went on way to long and really didn't feature anything worth mentioning. Ortiz did win, but did not impress. When Kingston debuted he at least was electric in the ring and had plenty of charisma. All Ortiz has is Carlito's hair and a lame catch phase, "nice to meet you". Look for this guy to be the second coming of Kevin Thorn.

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