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How Long Will Punk Have the Title?

From: WorldofProWrestling.com

According to several sources, the impression is that CM Punk will not be having a very long WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign. Jason Powel of ProWrestling.net is reporting that the feeling was, Vince McMahon wanted to shake things up in a big way. One source said that nothing should be considered a long-term move in WWE at the moment due to Vince McMahon’s current mindset.

A number of sources also agree that CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Championship reign is similar to Bret Hart winning the WWF Championship by defeating Ric Flair back in 1992. The feeling at that time was Bret Hart would have a short term run with the Championship, however he won fans over quickly. This could mean that there is a possibility of CM Punk doing the same.

Sources feel that ratings and merchandise sales will be a determining factor in CM Punk’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign.

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I love Punk as much as the next, but it remains to be seen if he can draw or not. It's a business after all.

In some cases this may be true C. But if it were all about drawing fans to get ratings up, wouldn't it be likely management would bring already proven superstars back to the spectrum ? I mean it doesn't take a genious to figure out that putting Undertaker in the spotlight (Raw) would do wonders. And what about trying out the Brett Hart return ? Those are the types of things that need to happen. Not bringing in all these new faces. No one is gonna get hooked on some new dude that nobody has ever heard of. If I recall correctly.....didn't wrestling have some of its highest ratings ever when there were cliques like DX, Hart Foundation, Horsemen and WCW's NWO ? Just an idea.

Punk has some huge boots to fill and as much as I like him...I don't think he can do it. Moving Triple H may be convienent for him....but it has to be one of the worst mistakes WWE has ever made. Why would you move one of your top stars that draws as much or more than anyone else to a show that no one really even watches anyway ? I have heard rumors that Smackdown! might be getting close to the end of the road of failure. Is this Triple H move a terrible idea or is it just me ?

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