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What the F@$k

Can someone please explain to me what was the point of ECW tonight? It did follow the usual formula of start with a good match followed by two matches that no one cares about, then the main event. But what happened made absolutely no sense, other than the show was scheduled so we had to put on some matches. First we start off with all the losers from the Singapore Cane match. The purpose of this, the right to take on Kane in a non-title match later in the night. That great honor went to CM Punk who would go on to lose. First off Punk doesn't need a shot at the champ or establish himself as the number one contender. He has Money in the Bank and could use that to get a title match. Second why have him lose as it only takes momentum away from him. I think I may have an answer for this. They may have been testing the crowds reaction to see if they will still back Kane. Nothing like having him go up against ECW's favorite son; CM Punk. If a Big Show program develops they need a heel and right now neither Kane or Show are showing any signs of that. With the crowds positive response to Kane look for the development of the Big Show as a heel.

The end of the Kane match did prove something. A mix of Punk, Kane, Miz and John Morrison can make ECW entertaining. The run in by the Dirt Sheet hosts was the sugar on the cookie for a good match between Punk and Kane. But wait a minute, Doesn't Punk have Money in the Bank and most likely will leave via the draft. And Miz and Morrison are tag champs on Smack Down. Way to go and get rid of the few wrestlers who can develop this brand. No wonder ECW still struggles to gain ratings and fan acceptance.

At least we saw some extreme moments in the Shelton Benjamin match. Benjamin took on newcomer Matt Sydal and made use of him as a weapon. Kofi Kingston was at ringside doing commentary and he and Benjamin exchanged glances and words. This culminated in Sydal getting power bombed into a seated Kingston. After the match Kofi took to the ring and a brawl proceeded. Once outside the ring Benjamin threw Kingston head first into the stairs. It may have not been much, but for a brand that claims to be the land of extreme it at least laid some type of claim to that tag line. Hopefully this will inspire the powers that be to resurrect the ECW name properly, instead of the sorry state of affairs it is now.

You're thinking to hard about the Punk thing.
Punk is being de-pushed because he is going to be the first person to use his MITB and lose.

But kudos to you for watching ECW. That shit gives me an ulcer these days.

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