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It Just Doesn't Matter

The time honored chant from Meatballs should be the way fans open every ECW program because it just doesn't matter. The action that takes place in the ring usually makes no sense or is of such a poor quality no one really cares. We get plenty of comments on this site from readers who express this opinion and I know this sentiment is felt through most of the wrestling world. On can only hope the draft will pump some much needed talent onto this roster and there will be a serious attempt by the WWE to do something with this brand. At the current rate the program is going I'm not sure it will be back for another season as it provides very few moments of legitimate entertainment for the time audience.

Tonight would not prove the exception to the above rule as we saw the Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin feud take a bit of a twist. We added a little tag action with Evan Bourne joining Kofi, and Mike Knox teaming with Benjamin. We all know Knox is going nowhere, so his inclusion really didn't matter. The match did give Bourne a change to establish himself a bit as he got the pin and had a few good moves. But like most high flyers he will find himself buried on the roster if he sticks around as he does not seem to have much of a ring presence except for those few interesting moves. And with no title in the picture I feel the Kingston and Benjamin mix will run out of gas due to it not being very important nor really watched due to it being on ECW.

Next we saw Kelly Kelly take on Victoria in a horrible women's match. The match was decent when Victoria was in control, but as soon as Kelly took over her deficiencies in the ring stood out like a sore thumb. From a lack of pace to poor execution, they really need to work on her ring skills some more before the drag her onto TV. Yes she is a pretty face, but this is wrestling not a beauty pageant. There a plenty of good looking ladies on the roster that can give a better match. The only point of interest is the severity of Kelly Kelly's injuries after she was pushed off the apron and smacked her face on the floor. There where no doctors on the scene, but the replay shows she hit it pretty good. Have to figure at least a concussion at best.

Then we were treated to the lets recycle an old plot to get back at someone story line as now Armando Estrada is trying to earn a WWE contract. First he was beaten by Finlay then took on Colin Delaney and Hornswoggle one after another. And guess what? He lost all three matches and still is without a contract. Like I stated, this plot device is old as it was dull when it was happening to Delaney. Also why do the keep pushing this guy as he has done nothing in the ring. Aand why did Finlay knock him out with the shillelagh after they were celebrating and Finlay initially helped him by clubbing Estrada in the leg? Who knows, and really who cares.

The main event featured a challenge for the WWE tag belts held by Miz and Morrison. They would face Kane and CM punk again, but I ask the question again, why? Shouldn't the champs be developing a program with who their opponents will be at the Night of Champions? Speaking of which shouldn't Kane and Big Show be developing something, instead of Show wasting his time with the worthless Mark Henry? Also Punk has Money in the Bank and wouldn't you want to have him in situations that might tease where he will use it. Yes this was a good match due to all the participants being great workers, but again it really doesn't mean anything in the greater picture.

Yes I may be overthinking this a bit, but if you really want viewers to tune in each week and waste an hour of their time it should be for something the matters in the grand scheme of the WWE. With only one title on ECW this does make it difficult so why not resurrect some dead belts like the Light Heavy Weight/Cruiser Weight and the TV title. This way you have three of your four matches booked each week in meaningfully situations. The Light Heavy Weight would feature extreme matches with high flyers thus putting the extreme back into ECW. Then you could use your fourth match on cross brand promotions for guys you want to push to the next level. This puts the members on the roster in meaningful matches each week instead of being sent out there just to fill an hours worth of programing.

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