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Monday's Political Push on RAW Served its Purpose

As to be expected, there has been a lot of slack from fans for Monday night's Clinton vs Obama "match" that they threw on the three-hour RAW. Make no mistake about it, the match was way too long, and the only decent outcome was to see Umaga lay out both the actors playing the role of the two democrats running for office.

With that being said, the company had its reasons for doing what it did. First off, anyone watch any shows like "Access Hollywood" or "Entertainment Tonight"? Well, the diva (aka - my wife) watches these shows each and every night, and Tuesday night what did they show on these two popular shows? Not much of the speeches from the three that want to be President - but more of the fake match between Hillary and Obama.

Last year they tried to pull off the same thing with a fake Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell, and it was a disaster, to the point where they started the angle with the real Trump coming out the following week and starting the program with Vince that ended at Mania. This was different. The fact the company got Hillary, Barack and John McCain to actually appear, and have fun with the speeches, is a bold and huge move for the WWE.

So yes, I wouldn't waste my time putting too much focus or stock in the "match" that they threw on the show, but believe me, the company feels it served a purpose, and the fact it got mainstream media coverage along with the speeches, means that the WWE can boast for awhile that they should be taken seriously in the entertainment industry.

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