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A Time For Goodbyes

Tonight gave us the official final sendoff for Rick Flair and a time for all to say thank you to one of the true legends. The show ended with Flair giving his farewell address. Much like Dusty Rhodes last year at there Hall of Fame, Flair wasted no time, nor did he sound forced when he thanked the fans for the fantastic ride that his career was. This shows the true class of Flair. Despite all the accolades and money he obtained, he has never forgotten who enabled him to achieve these things. And that would be you and I, the wrestling fans. And tonight we got to say thank you for all the great matches he gave us. The ring was surrounded be superstars from the past and present, including the Four Horsemen, paying their respects. This was fitting tribute to one of the greats of all time.

Tonight also saw the return of Cryme Tyme to a WWE ring. They took on old rivals in Cade and Murdoch in a great starting match for Raw. Cryme Tyme would come away the winner and reestablish themselves as one of the top tag teams in the WWE. With them back in the fold, along with Cade and Murdoch, London and Kendrick, The Highlanders and current champs Rhodes and Holly, Raw is developing a great tag stable. Hopefully they start developing this part of the roster as they could have some great matches in store.

Speaking of the tag champs they would lose to the reconciled London and Kendrick. Of course in great WWE tradition the belts were not on the line. It's good to see they did not take the angle of breaking up London and Kendrick as I really don't see either one making it in singles action.

In a continuation of the Maria plot, she would take on Santino Marella to finally settler the score on all the trouble he has been causing her. The rest of the Divas would join in on the fun to get back at Santino due to his insult of the Diva roster. This would culminate in a head butt by Maria into Santino's groin to gain the win. Hopefully this puts an end to this angle.

Jericho would meet Cm Punk to rekindle the end of Money in the Bank. Jericho would win this time, but Punk shows why he walked away with the briefcase. Again he looked really good up against top WWE talent. If anyone doubts why he won Money in the Bank, just look at this match and you can see his true potential. I don't see him cashing it in anytime soon, as he most likely will use it against Edge. As seeing as the Undertaker has the title, we have awhile to see Punk's title dream come to fruition.

I guess everyone wants a piece of Randy Orton now. Both JBL and Matt Hardy challenged him tonight to the title. Matt would get his wish and made his debut back on TV tonight. He looked good, but would come up short in his attempt to win. I don't see this one having much legs as you have to figure Matt will end up against MVP again. Also I'm not sure how far they will go with JBL and Orton. There are those who feel Triple H does not need a title shot due to his enormous popularity, but I really can't see the WWE having one of its biggest draws out of the title picture. If anything JBL may get his chance next week on Raw, but that is where it will end. Look for Triple H and John Cena to re familiarize themselves with Mr. Orton and the gold he wears very soon.

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