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Backstage Incident at Smackdown/ECW Between JBL and John Morrison

There was a major backstage incident last night in Kansas following ECW on SciFi involving JBL and John Morrison. The incident, which is being reported on PWI Insider and Wrestling Observer, goes as follows according to the Observer:

"JBL ripped on Miz and John Morrison for their work doing color in the C.M. Punk vs. Jamie Noble match. He also got mad at them for their ring work in their tag matches last night on Smackdown with Matt Hardy & MVP. JBL said they both guys owed Punk, MVP and Hardy apologies for making them look bad. Miz apologized, but Morrison told JBL to mind his own business, but apologized to them. It was quickly broken up, likely saving Mr. Morrison's life."

Now based on this report, and what I have read on PWI, it sounds like two things -

1: JBL usually as a vet like to takes it on himself to say things that he shouldn't - This is not the first time it's happened, and it won't be the last. Vince McMahon has always been a big fan of JBL, so he always gives him the freedom to basically do and say what he wants. In this latest round, I am willing to bet that nothing is done to Layfield.

2: Morrison had better watch what he says and who he says it to - Knowing that JBL is regarded as he is in the locker room, Morrison had better watch out. He's already been suspended once, and while he has a lot of people on his side (he did have the ECW Title after all), he also will find his way out the door quickly if he messes with guys like JBL. Take the advice Morrison, take your piece of humble pie, say your sorry, and move on.

Interesting. I thought Miz and Morrison's improv was generally bad during the Punk vs. Noble match.

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