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RAW 9/3

RAW on Monday night was a rather wild show, complete with getting rid of a bunch of wrestlers that are getting suspended, and showing us once again why we should really put some handcuffs on Triple H, as it now appears that he is able to beat the entire roster alone. Also we learned that next week we will finally find out the son of Mr.McMahon, and that it will NOT be Mr.Kennedy, finally putting to bed that rumor that has been going on since they announced that he had a child. The funny part is you have to wonder if we'll see Kennedy at all next week, considering that he is one of the many that has been talked about getting suspended.

As far as the actual wrestling is concerned, we had an IC title change, as they put Jeff Hardy back in the title picture with a win, albeit a weak one, over Umaga to start the show. The match lasted through a commerical break, and then the end came for the Samoan when he fell off the top turnbuckle and was pinned by Hardy. It was a good match for the most part between these two, not as good as the Great American Bash, but hopefully after the suspension they will put these two in a program again. It also looks as if the Umaga face turn is done and over.

They did a divas match with Beth Phoenix again for a second straight week beating on Maria. They also set the tone for Santino to turn heel, as he was the one that put the match together. Phoenix is building towards a championship program with Candice, and that program should really start with a match at the upcoming PPV Unforgiven.

The program with John Cena and Randy Orton will continue, as I guess we all know that Orton will not be suspended, as he will take on Cena at Unforgiven. This may finally be the spot where Orton gets the belt. They set up the program further with Cena getting into a verbal spar with William Regal, and then Cena laid out Regal, which will lead to Regal being gone for 30 days with his suspension. In the meantime, we will have Coach as the GM once again, a role that he plays very well, just like Regal did in his stint.

As we spoke of here Sunday, they are giving a title match to London and Kendrick, as they beat the Worlds Greatest Tag Team in a match for the #1 contender spot. They got rid of Cryme Tyme, firing them on Sunday, and have quickly put London and Kendrick in that role, as we predicted. Their match before the last PPV which was a dark match was said to be very good, and so at Unforgiven we should have a solid match with the four.

Jillian Hall and Daivari versus Mickie James and Cody Rhodes also was on the show, and the face team won, it was a basic filler match that meant nothing, and I am not sure what they will do with Rhodes, but this match meant nothing other than just another match on the show. Then we had the HHH show, as Triple H took on Carlito and Umaga in a Handicap Match. After getting a beat down most of the early part of the match, they DQ'ed the heel team, only for then HHH to rebound, beat on Carlito, and then lay out Umaga with a chair and then the dreaded sledgehammer. This sets up Umaga gone for 30 days as well.

They ended the show with McMahon, his wife, Shane and Steph in the ring going back and forth about the kid. They also finally teased that Steph and HHH are in real life together, as the two did a little flirt on the screen when HHH replaced a video that Vince made, loving his kids, with one of him beating on Steph and Linda. The plan all along was for them to show in a storyline what we knew in real life - HHH is married to Steph. They are going to use this for a feud, and then that might lead all the way to Mania.

As for Kennedy, he came out and said that he was Vince's kid, but then a lawyer for the woman came out, said that wasn't the case, and that we'd find out who the kid would be next week. Oh, and there was a hint - "things are looking up." I guess that means whoever is the kid is 7 foot....or maybe that he's a midget...or that's he's poor and now he'll be rich. Whatever...get this storyline over with~!

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